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Eagle Fastener offers a full line of standard and special inserts. We supply a wide range of materials from plastics to metals, with plating and many different finishes to the line of inserts. Many styles of inserts can also be found in our electronic hardware section. Besides a full complement of standard inserts, Eagle supplies a tremendous volume of made to order (special) inserts. We know there are a lot of options out there to pick from. Eagle is ready and willing to make your fastener purchasing simpler and easy. We can cross reference many manufactures part numbers making Eagle your one stop fastener supplier.  

Brass Insert 1

Brass Insert 1

Steel Insert

Steel Insert

Brass Insert 3

Brass Insert 3

The inserts listed below represent a large selection of current industry applications, but do not include all applications and designs. If your specific fastener is not shown simply contact us by email, fax or phone and Eagle will quickly respond to your inquiry. Call Eagle!

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A-L Series Inserts Feature a knurled body and large diameter low profile head making the use of AL series ideal in punched or drilled holes

AL Closed End Insert
AL Sealed End knurled Insert
A-L Wedge Head Insert
A-K Series Knurled Inserts (flush installation)
A-K Open End Knurled Insert
A-K Closed End Knurled Insert
A-H Series Hex Profile
A-H Sealed End
A-H Closed End
A-P Series Grooved Inserts
A-R Series
A-S Stud Insert
A-S Sealed Head Stud Insert
A-T Insert Series
A-W Series Inserts
MB Series Mold-in Blind Threaded Inserts
H Series: Tapered Threaded Inserts for Plastics
C Series Chevron Threaded Inserts
HC Series Headed Chevron Threaded Inserts
Keylocking Inserts
KS Series Threaded Knurled Spacers
S Series Symmetrical Threaded Inserts
P & HP Series Threaded Press-in Inserts
MB Series Inserts
R-N Series Rivet Nut
R-N Series Closed End Rivet Nut
R-N Series Keyed Head Rivet Nut
R-N Countersunk Rivet Nut
R-N 100 degree Countersunk Head Rivet Nut
Thread Repair Kits
Thread Repair Inserts
Metric Internal Thread Inserts  
Inch and Metric
Available in Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Monel
Blind Threaded Inserts Inch
Blind Threaded Inserts Metric


Plastic Molding Inserts
Sonic Lock Insert
Tech-Sonic Insert
Mini Tech Insert
Tapper-X Insert
Thermosert Insert
Press Lock Insert
Fin Lock Insert
Hex Inserts
Self Locking Inserts
Spin-X Insert
Ho-Toque Insert
Brass Molding Inserts
Brass Threaded Inserts
Brass Cross Knurled Insert
Brass Self Tapping Inserts
Brass Straight Knurled Insert
Brass Helical Insert
Brass Tapper Inserts
Helicoil® Inserts

Eagle Fastener can fill your inserts requirement fast! We supply all sizes of all materials. Call us on any of your inserts!

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