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Metric Fasteners

Metric Washers

Eagle Fastener offers a full line of metric washer products. We supply a wide range of materials, plating and finishes to the line of washers. Besides a full complement of standard flat and lock washer, Eagle supplies a tremendous volume of made to order (special) metric washers. We know there are a lot of options out there to pick from. Eagle is ready and willing to make your fastener purchasing simpler and easy. Do not see what you are looking for? Call Eagle! We can help!

Flat Washers

Flat Washers

Finishing Cup Washer

Finishing Cup Washer

Wave Washer

Wave Washer

Lock Washer

Lock Washer
The metric washers listed in Eagles’ web pages represent a large selection of current industry applications, but do not include all applications and designs. If your specific fastener is not shown simply contact us by email, fax or phone and Eagle will quickly respond to your inquiry. Call Eagle!

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Metric Commercial Flat Washers
Metric Brass Flat Washer
Metric Flat Washers 18-8
Metric Flat Washers 316
Metric Flat Washers Beryllium Copper
Metric Flat Washers Brass
Metric Flat Washers Copper
Metric Flat Washers Phosphor Bronze
Metric Flat Washers Steel
Metric Flat Washers Titanium
Metric Flat Washers Monel
Metric Flat Washer Aluminum
Metric Dock Flat Washers
Metric Fender Washer Aluminum
Metric Fender Washer Steel
Metric Fender Washer 18-8 SS
Metric Fender Washer 316 SS
Metric Machine Screw Washers Steel
Metric Machine Screw Washers 18-8 SS
Metric Machine Screw Washers 316SS
Metric Machine Screw Washers Aluminum
Metric Machine Screw Washers Brass
Metric Machine Screw Washers Monel
Metric Fender Flat Washers Steel
Metric Fender Washers 18-8SS
Metric Fender Washers 316 SS
Metric Flat Washers USS Steel
Metric Flat Washers USS Thru Hard
Metric Flat Washers USS Extra Thick Thru Hard
Metric Flat Washers USS 18-8 Stainless Steel
Metric Flat Washers USS 316 Stainless Steel
Metric Flat Washer USS Aluminum 
Metric Flat Washers SAE Steel
Metric Flat Washers SAE Thru Hard
Metric Flat Washers SAE Extra Thick Thru Hard
Metric Flat Washers SAE 18-8 SS
Metric Flat Washer SAE 316 SS
Metric AN960 Series
Metric NAS series Flat Washer
Metric MS15795 Series Flat Washer
Metric Shim Washers
Metric Square Flat Washers
Metric Structural Flat Washers F436
Metric Thrust Washers

Metric Washers Spring Washers
Metric Bevel Flat Washer
Metric Belleville Spring Washer
Metric Conical Washer Steel
Metric Conical Washer Stainless Steel
Metric Crescent Washer Spring Steel
Metric Crescent Washer Stainless Steel
Metric Dome Washer Steel
Metric Malleable Iron Washer
Metric Neoprene Bonded Washers
Metric Neoprene Bonded Washer 18-8 SS
Metric Sealing Washers
Metric Wave Spring Washers
Metric Wave Spring Washers 18-8
Metric 3 Wave Spring Washer 18-8
Metric Single Wave Washer Spring Steel

Metric Flat Washers Non-Metallic

Metric Flat Washers Delrin
Metric Flat Washers Fiberglass
Metric Flat Washers Fiber
Metric Flat Washer Neoprene
Metric Flat Washers Nylon
Metric Flat Washers Phenolic
Metric Flat Washers Polyethylene
Metric Flat Washer PVC
Metric Flat Washer Teflon
Metric Flat Washer Nylatron
Metric Fender Washer Nylon


Metric Shoulder Washers Non Metallic
Metric Epoxy Glass Shoulder Washer
Metric Fiber Shoulder Washer
Metric Nylon Shoulder Washer
Metric Phenolic Shoulder Washer
Metric Teflon Shoulder Washer

Metric Lock Washers
Metric Split Lock Washer Steel
Metric Heavy Split Lock Washer Steel
Metric Alloy Steel Lock Washer
Metric Heavy Lock Washers
Metric High Collar Lock Washers
Metric Lock Washers Stainless Steel
Metric Lock Washers 18-8
Metric Lock Washers 316
Metric Split Lock Washers 18-8 Stainless
Metric Split Lock Washers 316 Stainless
Metric External Tooth Lock Washer Steel
Metric Internal Tooth lock Washer Steel
Metric Int/Ext Lock Washer Steel
Metric Countersunk Lock Washer
Metric External Lock Washer Stainless Steel
Metric Internal lock Washer Stainless Steel
Metric Serrated Lock Washers
Metric Ribbed Lock Washers
Metric Safety lock Washers
Metric Star Washers

Metric Finishing Cup Washers
Metric Countersunk Finishing Washer Steel
Metric Counter sunk Finishing washer 18-8

Metric Retaining Rings
Metric E-Clips
Metric Snap ring
Metric U-Clip
Metric Assortment Box Retaining Rings

Metric Special Washers – Eagle can provide washers from small laser volumes to high volume production runs on flat and lock washers. No matter what material, size, plating or finish, Eagle is the place to buy from with confidence of getting your parts in how you want them and when you want them.

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